Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sam & Kayla {Wedding: Part 2}

Following Sam and Kayla's ceremony, we finished the formal portraits in the church.  Then the bridal party, my assistant, and I headed towards downtown Pella for some more fun portraits.  Our first stop was the old firehouse in honor of Sam being a volunteer firefighter.  In the firehouse was a beautiful antique fire engine.  So fun! 

After the firehouse, we headed around downtown Pella.  I'd not had the pleasure of photographing in Pella before, but loved every minute of it!  It was truly a beautiful place with such a variety of locations in just a few blocks.  Sam and Kayla, as well as their bridal party, were great to work with.  They were up for anything and it made for such an enjoyable time.

Of course, our portraits would not be complete without a windmill in honor of Pella's Dutch heritage. 

Sam and Kayla's reception was held at the beautiful Pella Opera house.  Seriously what a stunning location!  It was three floors of beautiful architecture and was decorated with photos of Sam and Kayla.  In the theater, Sam and Kayla had The Princess Bride playing (one of the best movies of all time! "Inconceivable!") for their guests to watch in the downtime between the wedding and reception. 

Their reception kicked off with toasts from the best man and maid of honor.  Their speeches were heartfelt and funny and were a great way to start the evening. 

Their first dance was beautiful, beneath one of the chandeliers.  You could see the joy on Sam and Kayla's faces as they shared their first dance together as man and wife. 

Congratulations again to Sam and Kayla!  Best wishes to you both as you begin your new life together.  I know great things are in store for you both.  Thank you so much for allowing us to capture the beautiful celebration of your marriage!  Also, thank you to Greg Frieden for assisting me with this wonderful event!

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  1. Their wedding is so magical. I like the idea which the photographer have chosen for the photos. I mean the idea with an old car.