Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sam & Kayla {Wedding: Part 1}

In the middle of October, I headed to Pella to capture the wedding of Sam and Kayla.  We began our day at their church, The Second Christian Reformed Church.  The church was beautiful and the decorations were gorgeous.  Before Kayla donned her wedding gown, we took a moment to capture some beautiful detail shots of it.

You could see Kayla's excitement building as she was laced into her gown.  After her veil was in place, Kayla looked in the mirror and was simply glowing with joy.  Simply beautiful!

Sam and Kayla decided to hold to tradition and not see each other before the ceremony.  Before we began their separate formals before the ceremony, they took a minute to talk and hold hands without seeing each other.  You could see the love radiating from these two.  My assistant and I captured their glowing smiles as the first spoke to one another, then left them for a few moments of calm privacy before the wedding day events began.

To cut down on time needed for portraits after the ceremony, we photographed Sam and Kayla separately with their bridal party and family before the ceremony.  This left us with only the portraits of the two together with family and bridal party after the ceremony, which was a big time saver and took a lot of the pressure off of the couple to try and fit everything in.

The ceremony was beautiful.  As Sam saw Kayla for the first time, as she walked down the aisle towards him, you could see the love and joy on his face. 

I love the image of Kayla's father lifting her veil as he is about to hand her to the man of her dreams.  Blushers are somewhat of a thing of the past, now very few brides wear them if they wear a veil at all, but there is something timeless and beautiful about them.

Following the ceremony, Sam and Kayla were greeted by their parents before they went back in to release guests from the pews.  The emotion and joy in their interactions with their parents was simply stunning.  I think these moments are some of the best of any wedding.  The moments of joy, shared by family or friends, a true celebration of love.

Check back again soon for the second half of Sam and Kayla's wedding day!

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