Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Hicks Family

 Last week, I met up with the Hicks family.  They had all come from several hours away for a family reunion camping in the North Liberty area.  While they were together they wanted to take the opportunity to get some updated family portraits.  It's so wonderful when families take advantage of their time together in order to capture special moments like these, especially when they are with family they don't see often. 

When I first spoke with them, they had told me their outfit choices were a blue and white/khaki theme.  I've seen this combo go a little off course in the past, but the Hicks family brought it all together beautifully!  Their outfits all tied in together perfectly to make a unified family portrait, as well as giving each person their own individual look.  So often, people think "matching" when beginning to contemplate family portrait outfits.  I strongly encourage "coordinating" rather than "matching."  Seriously, I love, love, love the Hicks family's wardrobe choices!

In addition to getting some great large group portraits, we also captured family portraits for each individual family and each of the adorable children in the group.  I highly recommend taking the time to do this during large family sessions so each family has up to date portraits and Grandma and Grandpa have a coordinating collection of all their beautiful family.



 After our session, there was a beautiful vow exchange for Grandpa and Grandma.  After being in love for many years, they finally said their vows and were officially married.  The ceremony was preformed by one of his daughters and was just beautiful to capture.  They were surrounded by their children and grandchildren, all of whom couldn't have been happier to be witnesses to this beautiful event.

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