Friday, December 30, 2011

Grady {Newborn}

In November, this sweet little peanut joined me in the studio. I adore newborn sessions and this little guy was an amazing little model. At the time of the session, he was only 12 days old. It's a perfect age for newborn photos. He was wonderfully cooperative, sleeping through most of his session.

In case you couldn't tell, his parents are Hawkeye fans. I love the photo above, of him laying across the football as his dad holds it. Not only is it a great fan photo it is a wonderful memory of how tiny he was. Something very special for his parents to look back on as he grows.

I know many parents are hesitant to bring newborns out when they are so little, but it is so special to capture them while they are tiny. They don't stay that way for long and time passes by so quickly once they join a family.

Congratulations to the Clark family on their new addition. He was a joy to photograph and I look forward to seeing him grow!

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