Monday, August 8, 2011

Dan & Chantal

On July 30th, I spent an amazing day with Dan and Chantal as they celebrated their wedding. The morning started at The Fix Salon in Cedar Rapids where the bride and her entourage had their hair styled into some lovely updos.

Then we were off to St. Matthew's to begin the formal portraits. Dan and Chantal did not see each other before the ceremony, so we began photographing Dan, his groomsmen,and his family. Then we hid him away so Chantal, her bridesmaids, and her family could begin.

I stole the bride and groom away separately up the stairs to the balcony in the church to take advantage of the beautiful light coming through the windows there. The images are just stunning.

After the ceremony, we finished our formal portrait session at the church and headed out to Wildcat Golf Course for their reception. Before they were announced, we took a few formal portraits out on the course. The heat and sun were very harsh, but we managed to find a shady nook on the course and got some beautiful shots.

The reception was upbeat and lots of fun. I love the writing on the wall behind the dance floor: "I will always love you." How perfect is that for a backdrop for a first dance?!

To add to the fun, we had a photo booth set up for guests to come and have their picture taken. It was hopping! I have to say, I think a photo booth is an amazing opportunity to capture some fun images of your guests at the reception.

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