Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spring Inspiration

As you know, I adore the designs of Cynthia Betts. She is truly a visionary in the world of weddings. Her designs capture beauty and elegance in amazing ways. She has two table designs currently at Zephyr Weddings in Coralville. I had the privilege of photographing them for her while I was there taking pictures for Zephyr.

Her first tablescape is so soft and romantic. It makes me think of a lovely garden tea and would be perfect for a spring wedding. She has soft peach, green, and yellow hues that are so warm and inviting. They make me think of sunshine of daffodils and the warm glow everything begins to get as nature turns green again once more.

Her second table is a bit more opulent. The crystals and gold hues set the tone for a more formal evening event. The details on the goblets and china add movement and elegance to the setting. The embroidery on the linens create an amazing backdrop for the setting and foundation for the table. I can definitely see this table at a grand venue.

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