Thursday, April 1, 2010

Planning the Perfect Wedding: Finding the Right Photographer

With so many photographers out there it can be an overwhelming experience trying to find the right one. There are so many factors to weigh: their style, location, your budget, just to name a few. But remember to look a little deeper. Sure it’s is great to find a photographer who has wonderful work posted on their website, but there is more to your wedding photography experience than the final shots. Ask for names and contact information of couples who have had the photographer at their wedding. They will be able to offer insights about their experiences with the photographer.

Remember to ask questions and get to know your photographer before your big day. It is important that you get along well with your photographer. You want to be sure to hire someone you feel comfortable with. Otherwise, it could make for a long day of photos. Also be sure to know that the person you are meeting with is indeed the photographer you will have on your wedding day. Having a surprise switch after you’ve hired someone is not necessarily a good surprise. Discuss with the photographer your ideas and preferences for photo styles. Do you like more candid photos? Do you have an idea of a photo you're really like to capture at the wedding, such as an artistic shot of you in the tall grass? Are there locations you want to stop for photos aside from the place where the ceremony will be held?

Talk to your photographer about completion schedules and what exactly you are getting in your package. Will you have your proofs within a week? A month? Four months? Are you receiving a set of printed proofs or only online proofing? Do you get to keep your proofs or is there an additional fee? Will you be able to order more products later if you decide you want to? How long does the photographer keep your images? These are all important questions to ask going in so you know what to expect.

While budget is definitely a factor for most brides, remember to look at more than just the prices. It is completely worth it to pay an little extra for a photographer who will provide you with amazing photographs and who you get along well with. If the packages are a little steep for your budget, try talking with the photographer about customizing a package to fit your needs that will still work within your budget. Most photographers are more than willing to create a special package for their clients.

The most important aspect of finding the right photographer (and wedding planning on the whole) is to have fun!

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